The Boom: is the most important ship in Kuwait. It was used for pearl diving and for merchant trade. It serves as a metaphor for the musical exploration that Boom.Diwan engages in.  

The (music) Diwan: is a place where traditional Kuwaiti seafaring music ensembles, preserve and pass on traditional Kuwaiti music. It is also a metaphor for the exchange between Boom.Diwan with other musicians; regardless of genre, style, or culture.  

About Ghazi

Ghazi Faisal Al-Mulaifi, PhD (b. 1977) is musician, applied-ethnomusicologist, and professor of music who earned his Doctorate of Philosophy in Music from New York University (2015). Al-Mulaifi is also a Venice Biennale artist, composer, global jazz musician, and founder of Boom.Diwan. His research interests include: the Kuwaiti sea arts, global jazz, . His current musical efforts include leading his ensemble Boom.Diwan; where he and traditional Kuwaiti musicians dialog Kuwaiti bahri (sea) music with global jazz traditions for the purpose of creating a new Kuwaiti music that revives a musical tradition of dialog and exchange.

photo: Waleed Shah



Boom.Diwan and Friends

(EST, UTC-05) (EST, UTC-05)

Joe's Pub, 425 Lafayette St,, NYC

Thursday, March 7: Boom.Diwan and Friends Founded by applied-ethnomusicologist Ghazi Al-Mulaifi, Boom.Diwan is a modern Khaleeji ensemble that takes a contemporary approach to reinvigorating the experimental dialogic spirit of Khaleeji sea-faring music.

Join us for an evening of experimentation as we introduce the traditional Kuwaiti Sea Arts (pearl diving music) and dialog with our friends from the NYC global jazz scene.


Boom.Diwan x Arturo O'Farrill

(EST, UTC-05) (EST, UTC-05)

Joe's Pub, 425 Lafayette St, NYC

Friday, March 8: Boom.Diwan x Arturo O'Farrill Khaleeji and Afro-Cuban music meet in an evening of spiritual jazz

Following the success of the Cuban Khaleeji Project, recently revived in 3 sold-out concerts in New York, and Saudi Arabia, Boom.Diwan collaborates once again with the multi Grammy Award winning pianist Arturo O’Farrill. Experience the rhythms and sounds of two seafaring cultures coming together for an intimate concert that features a Kuwaiti Sea Arts (bahri) percussion ensemble and Afro-Latin jazz musicians.



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