Boom.Diwan x Liwa Maritime Ensemble

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Samaliyah Island

Join us for the world premiere of Boom.Diwan x Liwa Maritime Ensemble, as two Khaleeji bands recover and reinterpret the musical bridges that connect Emirati and Kuwaiti traditional music and present it in a contemporary Khaleeji concert. Biographies Boom.Diwan Founded by guitarist and applied ethnomusicologist Ghazi Al-Mulaifi, Boom.Diwan is a collaborative global jazz ensemble that revives the cosmopolitan tradition of the Kuwaiti pearl diving music of the Indian Ocean trade. With influences spanning Zanzibar to Calicut, improvisation, fluidity, and dialogue are at the center of Boom.Diwan. Liwa Maritime Ensemble “Mubarak Al-Otaiba‘a band” (Affiliated with Abu Dhabi Folklore Group) is a group that excels in presenting various forms of folk arts in the United Arab Emirates, including maritime, desert, mountain, and coastal arts. Daniele Camarda A Berklee College if Music graduate and a world-renowned musician acknowledged as one of the most original bassists, improvisers, and composers in the international music scene. His work merges the strings playing traditions from all corners of the world with a unique approach to live electronics.