Khaleeji rhythms and sounds in musical conversation with global jazz Join us for music followed by a community suhoor featuring Boom.Diwan (Kuwait/UAE) with Nduduzo Makhathini (South Africa) and Jean-Michel Pilc (France/USA/Canada). In the spirit of Ramadan, this concert highlights and values the power of dialog for understanding, peace, and resolution.

Boom.Diwan x Nduduzo Makhathini unite for their first live performance together celebrating the release of their acclaimed suite Minarets, commissioned by The Arts Center. An immersive ritual of music rooted in Khaleeji pearl diving traditions meeting South African jazz. The suite of immersive ritual music touches on ideas of cosmopolitanism, community, dialogue, and healing.

Boom.Diwan x Jean-Michel Pic debut a new collaboration, uniting Khaleeji pearl diving traditions, with Franco-American jazz pianist Jean-Michel Pilc, a ”Musical genius” (Washington Post), who is known for his harmonic reinventions of standards. Boom.Diwan invites Pilc to dialogue with and reinvent new harmonic worlds with the new Khaleeji Jazz Standards that they are known for. The concert builds on Boom.Diwan’s ongoing concept of exchange with guests from different cultural traditions in the cosmopolitan spirit of the pearl trade.